I was taught that impossible was nothing and that only my strong will and positive attitude may help me to achieve the unachievable. By the inch, it’s a cinch. Sometimes you also need a fair degree of ingenuity, don’t you?

I was born in Poland but moved to Paris as a teenager to study at the Sorbonne and this is where it all began. I have also lived and studied in Barcelona, Madrid, Oxford, Perugia, London, Lima and Rome.

After a brief career as a conference interpreter, I am doing a master’s in International Relations in Paris, majoring in economy and Iran issues, also learning Persian language. I am a cinephile, good wines&food lover, I love reading graphic novels and I cook a lot. 


Sébastien was born in Nantes but spent a considerable part of his life in Paris. This is where we met a few years ago.

Besides, he’s got a PhD in psychology in his pocket and after a brief career as a university teacher in Paris, he works now as a workplace consultant.

He is a champion swimmer (a former lifeguard), great cook and has an impressive general knowledge. He’s also into analog photography and has a few interesting cameras at home.

He loves going to the movies, watching TV series and documentaries. There’s no way you read more than he does:)  

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