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Palermo days

It’s with a sheer pleasure that I recall our last-minute trip to Sicily two weeks ago. Currently based in Paris, where the sky is always grey and the summer’s slow to come, I love to think about Palermo where simply wandering along Via Maqueda from Teatro Massimo in the evening was a pleasure in itself.

Five full days were enough to immerse ourselves in the city’s dynamic atmosphere, to roam through its open-air markets and see so many different cultures that cohabit in a tiny downtown. To try an arancino (stuffed rice balls), crunch delicious pizza, have a watermelon ice-cream and a plate of fresh seafood with a glass of Sicilian wine. To visit splendid museums, squares, diverse styles’ churches and an impressive, giant cathedral. To spend a day on the beach outside the city, travel till Monreale and survive the horrible Scirocco day where the temperature was as high as 41°C and the strong, hot wind would burn your skin. To listen to the Sicilian dialect and realize at the very end that The Godfather 3 last scene had certainly been shot on the Teatro Massimo’s stairs. Finally, to attend a ballet evening in the previously-mentioned theater, to feel sheer bliss and wish the moment would last forever.

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