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I bet you’ve already forgotten Easter time, I am a bit late but keen on sharing these last pictures taken in Berlin and Poland. We had a good time with family and friends from my childhood in Poland, some of them live in different parts of the world now, it was a great opportunity to catch up on our life experiences. We participated in Easter preparations and eggs decorations with my family (I was happy to introduce Polish Easter traditions to Sébastien), also swallowed tons of delicious Polish specialities and drunk a lot of tea.

But before all that we had a longer layover in Germany and visited The Pergamon Museum. It holds splendid and imposing pieces of Ancient, Middle Eastern and Islamic art (Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Babylonian or Assyrian). The Museum’s collection is Germany’s most important theft treasure from the past. Have a look ;)


Ishtar Gate (left) certainly is one of its most precious pieces. It used to be one of the eight gates leading to the ancient city of Babylon, constructed in 575 BC, excavated in the 20th century and reconstructed in Germany using its original bricks


Decorating eggs in my grandmother’s way (painting with the wax, then coloring and putting the eggs in the oven in order to dissolve then remove wax which leaves white stripes on the eggs).

IMG_14382 IMG_14533

Easter basket full of good things (homemade sausages, ham, bred also eggs, horseradish, butter, salt, pepper, cloves and a sugar lamb) that we prepare for breakfast after having it blessed by a priest


My “eggs of peace”, this year’s special edition….


At sunset over Legnica…

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