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Greece road trip: Meteora

We’ve been missing Greece so much since our holidays in Athens and Milos island two years ago. As much as I am in love with archeology and Greek mythology, visiting the land of Achilles, Aristotle, Alexander the Great and centaurs, places carrying thousands years of history, has a special meaning for me.

Two weeks ago we came across really cheap flight tickets to Thessaloniki and just could not resist. We decided to take a road trip around Continental Greece, spend a few days in the famous Meteora, then to rely on weather forecast and visit Corfu Island or Pelion Peninsula. Not everything went so smooth; the weather played tricks on us, changing diametrically overnight, and we ended up driving a lot because of Greek farmers’ strikes that blocked all the highways we needed to take. However, we managed to see beautiful places, some of them are rather unknown for an average traveller and so were for us.

We spent a full day in Thessaloniki (a city we do not recommend for longer stays though), then headed to the archeological site of Vergina. In the ancient times, the town was the first capital of Macedon. This is where Alexander the Great was proclaimed the king, where all his family was buried and their tombs were discovered at the end of XXth century. The site is incredibly rich and interesting, a must-do when you visit the North of Greece.

There is something mystical in Meteora, an important complex of Orthodox monasteries built on natural rock pillars. We’d been dreaming to see that for so long. How come the Greeks managed to build them that way?! The northern road between Kastraki and Kalambaka offers a beautiful panorama and access to the monasteries, we visited two of them and were truly amazed. Those places look so unreal for me today.

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    February 26, 2016 at 10:23 am

    Such a beautiful place, even in winter!

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