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5250m above sea level

I’ve never been any higher. And I didn’t plan to go to Pastoruri but I was enjoying this time in Huaraz so much that I changed my return ticket and stayed a day longer. I had no idea how my body would feel at this kind of altitude and feared I wouldn’t make it. So we headed north, almost 2 hours by bus from Huaraz, then 1,5h on foot. The soil seemed so arid while approaching to Pastoruri and we were shocked to see some little groups of people living there in small stony houses. It was getting so dull and cold at about midday. The guide would inform us about the altitude and tell some strange stories and cases of people struggling with soroche but there was no way back!

So how it feels to be at an altitude of 5250 meters above sea level? (Still it wasn’t the highest point in Peru, it’s Huascaran at 6768m which we could admire from the Laguna de Llanganuco- the last post). I took a soroche pill before going up but felt so weird anyway, my sense of reflex seized up, all seemed to be happening very slowly and it was so difficult to walk, we were breathless after climbing one stair, one single step involved a lot of effort. But I made it, and I’ll never forget it :) IMG_1735IMG_1736IMG_1749
Puya Raimondi, Queen of the Andes, flowering exclusively at an altitude of more than 3500m
Pastoruri Glacier

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  • Piotr atAustin
    November 12, 2013 at 2:50 pm

    magiczne zdjęcia lodowca . .jeśli dotrzesz do Patagonii myślę, że będziesz zachwycona Glaciar Grey .. słoneczne pozdrowienia

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