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Wari ruins near Ayacucho

I’ve just come back from a very intensive trip to the Northern coastal Peru and I’m so impatient to publish my photos of the Peruvian playa but I’ll finish what I started first. A trip to the Wari (or Huari) ruins is the last day of my travel to the central Andes and is only followed by a trip to Quinua which will appear in my next post. The ruins are located near Ayacucho and they were the capital of the Wari culture. The Wari came after the Moche and before the Chimu and Inca cultures and formed the first empire on the Peruvian territory (from about AD 500 to 1000). The ruins cover some 16 square kilometers and are sown with different kinds of cactuses. It seems to be a paradise for enormous grasshoppers that I took for yellow birds. I don’t think that the ruins are a must-see in this part of the region but it can be a nice stop before going to Quinua which I do recommend.
The views from the ruins were amazing but I’m disappointed to see that blogspot affects their quality a lot…



The way you feel at this kind of altitude, surrounded by this kind of views…is unforgettable

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  • Krystyna Wierzbicka
    November 26, 2013 at 9:22 pm

    nie chciała bym się znaleść w samym środku kaktusów.

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