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Les Lisboètes

I did not believe we would manage to visit Lisbon this year but while pondering over a gift for my boyfriend’s birthday in October and our 5th (!) anniversary happening at the same time, I thought a travel might be a worthwhile idea. I hesitated between Istanbul, Crete, Morocco but ended up choosing Portugal with Lisbon and a little road trip on my mind, we love road trips in every way and every form. I ignored Sébastien had just come back from Laos and Copenhagen, one can never say he traveled too much!

I expected Lisbon was going to be a wonderful destination but despite that we were incessantly, utterly amazed with its charming tiny streets, miscellaneous Azulejos, breathtaking views and stunning sunsets.

We also went on a kind of fish and seafood diet there, I guess I swallowed at least one kilogram of sardines and sipped litres of white wine.We spent two full days in the capital and it surely was enough to visit all the places we wished to see and try all the specialities jotted down on my agenda. Alfama, Bairro Alto, the immediate vicinity of Jardim da Estrela and Pateo Alfacinha turned out to be my favorite places in the city.

And I have to admit that we were extremely lucky, enjoying the most beautiful mid-November weather of Europe and pampering 23°C on a daily basis. Needless to look for colorful, autumnal leaves there, prepare yourself to be tempted by ripe clementines and lemons almost splitting the trees’ branches ♥


In the evening, we drove to the south, to Algarve…and the best was yet to come!


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  • Katarzynatuitam blog
    November 20, 2015 at 5:17 pm

    Ale piękne zdjęcia… Rozmarzyłam się i znów mam ochotę na jakieś małe wojaże… ;)

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