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Vamos a la playa

In late November, I set off for the north of Peru, for a 4-day holiday, to make the best of the sun and beach as the weather in Lima was not as pleasant as it is now and nearby beaches are quite stony and dirty. I already dreamt about Máncora in August when my boyfriend was here and we were suffering from cold and grey weather. So for the first time, I travelled alone, well not exactly alone as you´ll see later and I had a lot of fun! 

I travelled to Máncora by bus (sic!), a 20-hour journey but the Peruvian buses are adapted to such long journeys and it was not as bad as I thought it would be after all. I had no plans really, my only goal was to see the northern beaches, enter to the warm Pacific waters and just relax. Then I wished to visit the famous museum Tumbes Reales del Señor de Sipan in Lambayeque, as a guide in Larco Museum I learnt so many things about Señor de Sipan (Peruvian equivalent of Tutankhamun when it comes to the value of artefacts found in his tomb) and mention it during my tours so it was important to visit it for myself.

I arrived to Máncora on Friday morning and was literally attacked by a swarm of taxistas as soon as I got off the bus. It was unbearable, they were following me asking what hotel they could drive me to or wanted to recommend some places to stay that cost an arm and a leg. I lost it and got helped by a young cop. I walked to the beach and entered to the first hospedaje I came across and just left my stuff there (Hotel Baco that I do recommend- located in front of the sea, a single room with warm water, air conditioning and private bathroom cost me 20 soles a night- approx. 5 euros which was a bargain in this expensive part of the coast).

 In the hotel I met Liza, a Peruvian girl from Máncora who presented me to her friend Ricardo who later gave me a lift to Vichayito – the most beautiful playa of the region with golden sands, clear blue water and no pebbles at all. This is how it looked like:
I stayed a bit in Vichayito and then headed towards Las Pocitas, the second well reputed and calm beach of Máncora, called Las Pocitas because of the rocks all along the beach. There were moments when I was absolutely alone there and that was so cool! Till the moment when I got attacked by a huge dog…I screamed out loud when it jumped on me and tried to grab my cookies. Luckily, his irresponsible owner arrived and put a leash on it…
I carried on walking towards Máncora then.

It was getting dark when I arrived to my hotel (it always is pitch dark at 6.30 pm in Peru). I wanted to travel to Lambayeque on the next day early in the morning but learnt that the first buses would leave at 10:00am so I had no other choice, I had to leave Máncora in the night so that I would not waste my day in the bus.
Before travelling I went down to a near bar to have dinner and met Andrew, a Russian from Ecuador and Lucia from Lima. We had a drink together and went out dancing, it was so nice…! I left them at midnight to catch a bus to Lambayeque…

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  • be cool
    December 15, 2013 at 2:55 pm

    Pięknie! Też byliśmy w Peru, ale zdaje się że zdecydowanie krócej i wielu niesamowitych miejsc nie zdążyliśmy zobaczyć.. Na długo wyjechaliście? Pozdrawiamy!

    • Justyna Nowak
      December 17, 2013 at 11:33 pm

      Ja na 6 miesiecy, rzeczywiscie niesposob zwiedzic te wszystkie niesamowite miejsca na raz :) Pozdrawiam

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