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My last day in the Andes

…felt I like some watcher of the skies
When a new planet swims into his ken;
Or like stout Cortez when with eagle eyes
He star’d at the Pacific–and all his men
Look’d at each other with a wild surmise–
Silent, upon a peak in Darien.”
John Keats

Well, I’m not into John Keats really, it was the nightmare of the 3rd year at the Sorbonne and I don’t remember much of his poetry except this little fragment I was supposed to analyse and it all came back to me in the Huascaran National Park. So, Cortez was this cruel Spanish conquistador and the rumor has it that he used to remain completely speechless with his large retinue as exposed to the immense beauty of the Latin American world. At the time, I hadn’t dreamed yet of moving to Peru but wondered what kind of landscape would make you feel the same way. I had only one day left in Huaraz and I was so keen on reaching this lake, Laguna de Paron. The problem was that there wasn’t anyone really keen to join me so a question mark hung over the trip. I’d found out more about it at the Peruvian Tourist Point iPeru and prepared myself to set off on my own- “it’s an easy, two-hour walk, just follow the indicated path.” Thank God, I didn’t trust these people.

The day before I met with Ricardo, my best Peruvian friend’s father who lives in Huaraz, who used to work as a guide there and he agreed to go with me.We set out at 5.00 in the morning, took a bus to Caraz first and then a collectivo (a kind of Peruvian taxi for an unlimited number of people) to the village of Paron, a one-hour drive from Caraz and there exists only one leaving at 7.00am. The way to Paron was an adventure already- 12 people, 1 little sheep, 1 little llama and a horrible spider in a simple Ford, the taxista would overtake, another cars and enormous precipices notwithstanding.

Arriving in Paron was a bit of a shock. It looked like a big village on the map so we set the matter of provisions aside and envisaged taking breakfast there. But the driver stopped in the literal middle of nowhere and we were indicated the unique bodega in the area which didn’t even sell water and we had to fetch the seller in her house and ask to open the shop…I had some fresh white cheese in my backpack and bought some little bottles of Peru Cola…

Entering to the park was a nice surprise. It looked like the Amazonian rain forest shrouded in mist!

One of the very few flowers of queñua that I found in the park. We’ve seen there rare species of quite a big uncommonly blue bird Ricardo had never seen before, neither did I.

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