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Peru: Trujillo surroundings

Let’s go back to Peru for a moment. In late November, I took a trip to the north of Peru (Mancora, the most beautiful Peruvian beaches) on my own. As travelling by bus was extremely long (about 25 hrs), I spent one day in the city of Trujillo to take a rest, before getting back to Lima. I really enjoyed that place and couldn’t neglect to visit its surroundings, archaeological sites: the famous city of Chan Chan and other enormous Huacas (sacred places), considered the largest pre-Columbian cities in Latin America, discovered by Francisco Pizarro and situated about 30 mins from Trujillo.

Chan Chan is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that was built around AD 850. Huacas del Sol y de la Luna are other interesting sites built even earlier by the Moche Civilisation and both still are very well preserved however they are severely threatened by storms from El Niño, which cause heavy rains and flooding on the Peruvian coast. I traveled there with a group of nice, Peruvian tourists and we really got on well together. At the end of the day, we visited Huanchaco, a little village situated on the seaside, famous for its surfing, it is a good place to relax.Is it all worth seeing? Definitely. The size of Chan Chan is impressive and I’ve never been to Egypt but the huacas made me think about Egyptian pyramids, it looked alike. Looking at these photos now, I have knots in my stomach… I find myself missing this beautiful country and its mysterious world. I can’t wait to go back…


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  • Karolina
    June 9, 2014 at 7:15 pm

    Chan Chan seems to be a truly breath-taking place in your photos. I wish I could visit it one day after your recommendation :)

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